Call for virtual residents

Ping Pong video is a video project born in 2010 as a video correspondance between two friends. For three years they sent each other a 1 minute video recorded every week as in a Ping Pong game.
No edition, no added sound was the rule, just a 6o seconds or less shot.

Now, Córtex Frontal wants to return this project into life inviting people all over the world to publish their 1 shot micro videos and creating a multiplayer ping pong video match!

Aimed to:
-Video artists
-Video/cinema students
-Video lovers

Project datas:
no datas

-Making your videos
-Max. length of videos: 60 seconds
-A single shot
-No edition, no added sound or music, no added text, no effects
-Videos can be made with any video device in a preferably .mov or .avi format

How to participate:
1. Register as a virtual resident just showing your interest to participate by email to
2. Make your videos
2. Upload it to Vimeo/Youtube or your FB page*
3. Send us the embed information or link
4. Don´t forget to watch other ping pong videos weekly in our website

*You can also send us the raw video by email to:
Or use a transfer website such as wetransfer

ping pong table

Córtex Frontal will publish the videos in the Ping Pong Video website or in our FB page.
All rights reserved to the artist.